Flock-a-Friend Fundraiser

Flock-a-Friend Fundraiser

“Flock-A-Friend” is a lighthearted fundraiser that brings smiles and smirks to all who witness it! Here’s how it works: Your donation to Friends of the Carlisle Library will cause a flurry of delightfully tacky plastic flamingos to land in the yard of your friend or family member and they will sit there for a few days until it’s time for the flock to move on to the next victim’s yard (unless of course they’d like to pay for expedited removal service)! As you can imagine, it’s quite a surprise to look outside or come home and find that these birds have “landed” all over your yard, so it leads to some pretty funny reactions. It’s all in good fun and humor! Paperwork is left to explain to the victim that they don’t need to do anything to care for the birds (they don’t eat much), and we will come and remove them ourselves in a few days (unless they call and need them gone sooner, of course). You can download a printable order form and mail it to us or drop it off at the Carlisle Public Library or order online (below) and send your donation via PayPal below (a PayPal account is not required. You can make your donation with an online bank account, debit or credit card). Call us at (515) 809-2525 with any questions or to order by phone. (Sorry, but the flock can only fly so far; we try to keep the flock in the Carlisle school district area (PEACH), but call us to discuss your needs!)

Select The Desired Options Below to Add to Cart:

Flock-A-Friend Send a flock of delightfully tacky plastic flamingos to land in the yard of your friend – $25 donation

Flock-A-Friend on a Specified Date Have a special date in mind to send the flock? If possible, we can accommodate your request! – $50 donation

Expedited Flock Removal The birds may nest in your yard for 2-4 days unless expedited removal service fee is paid – $10 donation

Flocker Identification Would you like to find out who sent the flock your way? Turnabout is fair play – $5 donation

Anti-Flocking Insurance Guarantee that no flock of flamingos will roost on your lawn as they migrate around the city – $75 donation

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How Flocking Works

You can flock a friend for a DONATION of only $25. Upon receipt of your order form and donation, Friends of the Carlisle Library will secretly place a flock of flamingos in the requested friend’s yard. The flock of birds and a “You’ve Been Flocked” sign will remain in the friend’s yard for a few days unless an Early Removal Service Fee is paid. A notice will be attached explaining the removal policy, how to order the flamingos to be “forwarded”, and how to buy seasonal flamingo “insurance” (see below). Sorry, our birds may not migrate onto public property or at apartment complexes and generally will only be placed within the Carlisle School District. Ask us if you have a location outside the district, however, and we’ll see if we can accommodate your request!

How Flamingos Are Removed

The Flamingos will be removed from their landing site by a volunteer member of the “Flocking Crew” within a few days of placement. For quicker flock removal, order the Expedited Flock Removal Service and the birds will fly your coop ASAP (order online, call or email us for this option). If you wish to flock someone else and forward the flock to another friend, the order form and information will be left with the flock. Requests can be made by filling out the Flocking Order form, or by calling the Flock-A-Friend Hotline at 515-809-2525. Please make checks payable to “Friends of the Carlisle Library.” Attach your check to the Flocking Order Form, which will be picked up with the flamingos. Or mail order form and check to: Friends of the Carlisle Library, PO Box S, Carlisle, IA 50047. You can also drop off order forms and donations at the Carlisle Public Library or orders will be accepted online at www.CarlisleLibraryFriends.com (see above).

How to Avoid Being Flocked

You can obtain insurance during our flocking season. Without insurance, remember, you could be flocked several times! For a $75 donation you will be protected from any flamingo flockings at your given address for the season (June-August). Flocking is done in good spirits and is not meant to be malicious. Also, to make this fundraiser successful, we must have willing participants, so please do not flock someone that will harm our birds, hold them for ransom, or have our flockers arrested! We did not budget for legal fees. Our flocking crews are all volunteers donating their time to Friends of the Carlisle Library. All flocking is done by donation. Flock removal does not require payment, but a donation to Friends of the Carlisle Library would always be welcomed. The Flamingos are precious property to us and we want to keep them in our possession so all can enjoy. If you have any questions, call the Flock-A-Friend Hotline at 515-809-2525 or email us at info@CarlisleLibraryFriends.com.

Thank You For Your Support!

Friends of the Carlisle Library, Inc. is an official 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations (not in exchange for goods or services) are tax-deductible.